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This conference programme aims to give senior industry professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

CPD Certified

cpd_certified_rgb.pngThe Richmond Supply Chain Forum qualifies for CPD credits. All delegate attendees will receive a CPD certificate after the event.

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Take part in the programme

If you would like to participate in the programme or recommend any speakers or topics please get in touch.
  • Opening address: The World Land Speed Record – Achieving the Impossible!

    Wing Commander Andy Green OBE, Royal Air Force Fighter Pilot, ‘Fastest man on Earth’

    On 15th October 1997, a jet-powered vehicle called Thrust SSC became the first (and still only) racing car to travel faster than the speed of sound, setting a new World Land Speed Record of 763 mph.  
    Thrust SSC was driven by an Oxford mathematician and Royal Air Force Fighter Pilot, Wing Commander Andy Green, who is the ‘Fastest man on Earth’.  
    Working at the centre of a world-beating team of scientists, engineers and technicians, Andy helped to overcome the seemingly impossible goals that the Thrust team had set themselves.  
    The team is now back with an even more remarkable project. Design for the BLOODHOUND SSC started 10 years ago, aiming to create a vehicle that will exceed 1000 mph at ground level – faster than any jet fighter has ever been. In reaching this astonishing speed, the BLOODHOUND team is not just looking to set the most remarkable record of all time. They are also aiming to share the story with a global audience, in order to inspire the next generation of young engineers with the magic of science and technology. 
    The near-completed car was revealed to the public in late 2015 and is now getting ready for its first record-breaking runs on a 12-mile desert track in South Africa.  
    Setting and achieving extraordinary goals, developing a truly world-class team, and building and driving the most amazing straight-line racing cars in history, is all part of Andy Green’s unique story, which he will bring to vivid life with a remarkable inside view of the World Land Speed Record.

  • After Dinner Guest: Ray Parlour, former Arsenal FC and England International Legend

    Ray Parlour, former Arsenal FC and England International Legend

    Ray Parlour is most famous for his time at Arsenal FC, where he played for 14 years, enjoying remarkable success during his time at the club, winning a league cup, three league titles and two FA Cups as well as playing in the Champions League and Uefa Cup. In addition to his successful ca...

Industry Sessions
Industry Sessions
  • Advancing Supply Chain Technology in Pharma: Pfizer’s perspective and active steps in Digitalisation and Internet of Things

    Mirko Senatore, Director of Network Solutions & Excellence EMEA, Global Supply Chain, Pfizer

    The pharmaceutical world is rapidly changing and even an environment traditionally conservative in areas other than R&D & Manufacturing is now taking giant steps in Supply Chain digitalisation. Pfizer, one of the largest innovative biopharmaceutical companies worldwide, is setting...

  • “A World of Cities: A New Map of the World Economy”

    Dr Steve Davies, Head of Education at the Institute of Economic Affairs

    Our understanding of the world is shaped by the way information is packaged and presented. Changing this can lead you to see things very differently. One major example of this is the way we see business, economic life, and the world economy through the prism of the territorial nation...

  • Brexit and the global supply chain

    Christos Tsinopoulos, Director of the Centre for Innovation and Technology Management, Durham University Business School

    During this workshop Christos will explore different scenarios on how the Brexit can influence the operations of integrated supply chains.  Harmonisation of regulations and standardisation more broadly have been a significant facilitator of modern integration initiatives.  ...

  • Being an employer post Brexit – What does it mean for UK logistics?

    Darren Maw, Barrister & Managing Director, Vista Employer Services Ltd

    A tour through the biggest unknowns and potential changes in terms of the employment law landscape post Brexit.   Focussing on regulations that will have an impact on the logistics sector, it will be an analysis of the potentially biggest curve balls that may come as a cons...

  • The Future of Retail: The challenges and opportunities and supply chains increasingly defining success

    Ben Farrell, Head of Central Operations and Transport, John Lewis

    UK retail has changed significantly over the past decade and continues to do so. The pace of change continues to accelerate. This requires supply chains that are increasingly responsive, customer focused and efficient.  This presentation will offer a view on the current and futu...

  • PANEL SESSION: Future proofing your supply chain and logistics architecture - how can you secure success amidst an uncertain and evolving landscape?

    Moderator: Peter Ward, Chief Executive, UKWA

    The future of logistics is no longer a linear process from “A to B" but a complex ecosystem that integrates multiple processes
    What challenges does this bring in the conte...

  • PANEL SESSION: Supply chain transformation: the impact of innovation and disruption on the global logistics industry

    Moderator: John Manners-Bell MSc FCILT, Chief Executive, Transport Intelligence Ltd

    The logistics and supply chain industry is undergoing a transformation in the way products are shipped, stored and delivered. An expert panel chaired by Prof John Manners-Bell discusses the opportunities and threats of the sharing economy and the ‘fourth industrial revolution.&...

Personal Development
Personal Development
  • Supporting leaders to achieve employee engagement: the power of perception, perspective and relationship dynamics

    Emma J. Bell, Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Mediator, Coach

    Studies show that often the most significant factor that motivates employees is the quality of their relationship with a line manager. Perspective, cognitive biases and relationship dynamics significantly impact on how effectively that vital relationship operates to motivate and enga...

  • Speak Like a Leader

    Esther Stanhope – The Impact Guru (Who gives you extra oomph!)

    As a supply chain professional you are brilliant at doing your day to day job
    However, do you look, sound and feel like a powerful leader?
    Do you ooze confidence and command the room?
    Wouldn’t you...

  • How to Make an Impact in Meetings!

    Esther Stanhope – The Impact Guru (Who gives you extra oomph!)

    Are your meetings too long and too dull?
    Do you feel your meetings have no impact or wow factor?
    Are you getting your voice heard?
    Did you know you can waste 376 hours per year…on meet...

  • Richmond Events Taste Challenge

    Steve Parker, Founder, Cheese and Wine Tasting Events

    This is your opportunity to join in The Richmond Events Taste Challenge - an enjoyable, entertaining and informative session near the end of your day.
    Presented by Steve Parker of the award-winning Cheese and Wine Tasting Events, this is a unique and in...

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
  • One-to-One Executive Leadership Coaching

    John Welsh, Consultant Partner, AIM Higher Leadership Katherine Long, Consultant Partner, AIM Higher Leadership Yapıncak Erkan, Consultant Partner, AIM Higher Leadership

    Having a dedicated coach is an invaluable pillar of support for any business leader. An executive coach helps individuals identify paths of professional and personal progress and act on the desire to learn and grow. 
    Whilst the coach can only offer...

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